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Rental Payment Methods

Rental Payment Methods

We understand the importance of providing convenient and flexible payment options for our tenants, and we’re pleased to offer several methods to make paying your rent as easy as possible. Here’s a rundown of the payment methods available to you:

  1. Online Portal: Our online portal allows you to make payments securely from the comfort of your home. You can set up automatic payments or make one-time payments using the following methods:
    1. ACH (Electronic Bank Transfer): No convenience fee.
    2. Debit Card: $10 convenience fee per transaction.
    3. Credit Card: 2.99% convenience fee per transaction.
  2. In-Person Payments: You can also make payments to our office office using the following methods:
    1. Cashier’s Check
    2. Money Order
    3. Personal Check (unless your account is certified funds only)
  3. Electronic Cash Payslip (ECP): ECP is a convenient option for tenants who prefer to pay in cash. You’ll receive a payslip with a barcode that you can take to participating retailers to make your payment.
  4. Flex Pay: Here’s how Flex Pay works:
    1. Choose Your Payment Frequency: Instead of the traditional monthly rent payment, you now have the option to pay weekly, bi-weekly, or on a schedule that aligns better with your income cycle.
    2. Manage Your Budget More Effectively: Flex Pay allows you to spread out your rent payments over multiple pay periods, making it easier to manage your budget and cash flow throughout the month.
    3. Reduce Financial Stress: By breaking your rent into smaller, more frequent payments, Flex Pay can help reduce financial stress and provide you with greater peace of mind.
    4. How to Get Started: Simply click here to apply.
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